ABC News called us last week to work with David Muir on a segment for a week long series on products that are actually made in America. A family in Texas agreed to allow ABC to inspect and remove every item in their house that was not made in the United States. The result? Basically everything they owned was hauled away. Just about everything that went away was soon replaced with an American counterpart…except the coffee pot, light bulb, and…yup…the flat screen. Lucky for them, the only American appliance maker was Viking! (Good trade there)

Some of their possessions were replaced with quality American made Harden Furniture (McConnellsville, NY) We had the pleasure of spending the day with CEO Greg Harden filming the making of their furniture from cutting the tree down ( in 7 degree weather), sawing the boards, cutting, assembling, staining, varnishing, and packaging for shipment. This company also just sent a custom table to the White House to sit in the Roosevelt room!

This was one of the best series I have worked on. Watch the videos here and see for yourself. You just may be rethinking how you buy in the future! Great job ABC!