Cell phones are shooting video everywhere-every day. We professionals don’t want to admit it but this little device has become a real working tool in our arsenal. I have had many shoots over the past few years where producers, correspondents, and fellow DP’s have used their cell phone for professional purposes…and I hate to say it but sometimes it looks pretty darn good.  Despite how good the video quality can be there is a common problem: Stability

I saw an ad for a cell phone video stabilizer that caught my eye. It’s called the StayblCam video stabilizer. I asked the company to send me one so I could try it out. I thought this might come in handy when we need to shoot a standup or when we are using the phone as an alternative shot. So they agreed to send me one. I agreed to review it if I liked it…and I like it!

Here’s the company promotional video.

Here is the company website:

StayblCam Video Stabilizer

I tried it out in my back yard and got some decent results with little practice. Here’s a clip.


You can also use this to reach up high above you or scrape the ground. It’s got a lot of uses. It’s not an Osmo or a Stedicam but if you need to use your phone for video recording then you might be glad you had this stabilizer with you.