Video Production ENG EFP Syracuse NY


(2) 4’x4 bank Gaffer kit

(2) Diva 400

(2) Diva 200

LED Light Panels

(3) Litepanels Astra Bi-Color panels

(2) Dracast 1000 12″ Bicolor panels

(2) Dracast 500 Bicolor panels

(3) 12″ F/V bi-color light panels

(2) 5600K 900 light panels 12″


Arri (4-1K open face, 1-1K Fresnel, 2-650w, 4-300w, 6-150w)

Additional complete Arri Kit: (1K open face, 2-300w, 1-650 w, 2-150w with stands, chimera, ect..)

Dedolight Kit (4-150w) with dimmable ballast

HMI Lighting

Arri 1200 Par

(2) Arri 1200 Fresnel

Altman 1200 Fresnel

Desiti 1200 Fresnel

(2) Arri 575 Fresnel with electric ballast

(2) K5600/Joker 400 open face Kit with electric ballast

Kobold/Arri 200 Par with electric ballast

Grip Gear/support

Avenger C-stands, Matthews Junior stands, Matthews heavy duty boom arms, Avenger boom arms, Matthews baby stands, Avenger/Arri basic light stands, Avenger 8×8 silk, Chimera 6×6 silk, Chimera 4×4 silk, Chimera small and xsmall soft box, Matthews 4×4 (silk/black,scrim), Diffusion, Duvetyne, Reflectors, Stingers, Flags, Chimera patterns, Gels, shot bags, ect…


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