Harden Furniture Company is the oldest furniture manufacturer in the USA. They have been making fine furniture for nearly 2 centuries.

Throughout the year I have been working on a short documentary-style feature about the company incorporating the company’s values and the making of a beautiful table. Harden entrusted me with complete creative control to tell their story.


live edge table

They call this table a “Live Edge Table”.  Essentially this is a table created with the intention of bringing out the natural elements of the tree. As a tree ages, perhaps over a hundred years, it develops certain characteristics in the wood. Insects cause holes, tree limbs create swirls and knots, and in some cases they have discovered bullets or horseshoes embedded deep inside the tree. The result are imperfections in the wood which makes every table unique and “one-of-a-kind”.

Greg Harden. who is the fifth generation family member to run the company, sums it up perfectly; “We’re not the best because we are the oldest…we are the oldest because we are the best”.


Harden Live Edge.Still004

Harden is not your ordinary factory.

Essentially a small group of people, some who have been employed here 30 years or more, make these tables. They are considering “Artisans” , “Craftsmen”, “Cabinet makers”.

This video is a tribute to the people who bring this furniture to life.

Hope you enjoy!