SONY F3 Camera


I am happy to announce that a SONY F3 camera has been added to the camera lineup!

This camera is a great addition to our production equipment as it widens our capabilities in Commercial/Cinema production at the same previous price point we established.

The Canon DSLR 5d system has proven to be an invaluable tool and produces a superb image, however it is very limited in how audio is recorded and employs a weak internal codec. It is true that we can improve many aspects of the 5D system through adding a variety of tools, but the rig becomes overbearing and cumbersome…a “Franken-rig”

The F3 camera utilizes a super 35mm sensor and has all the tools we need to get the job done right without all the fuss…packed into a real video camera!

High quality audio is recorded internally, neutral density filters are built in, there are HDSDI outputs, 60 FPS slo-motion, and the camera is capable of recording a 4444 bit depth. The same shallow depth of field is reproduced via the large sensor and a series of prime lenses.

Below is a picture of my F3. We are ready to roll and have it set up to record internally and externally via the nanoflash recorder.

SONY F3 Camera

TVCREW NY F3 Camera set up
















Will the 5d cameras stay on the shelf? NO WAY. These cameras are here to stay as they can do things no other camera can. I see the 5d’s complimenting the F3 and vice-verse. Together they make the ultimate team. If you book me for your next commercial shoot you will get the F3 and the 5D’s as a single package.

Furthermore the F3 comes with a software option/addition called S-log. This manner of shooting employs a gamma curve that allows the most dynamic range in the image. It shoots very flat video in the field, but enables the greatest capabilities from the camera’s sensor to be executed in post production color grading. Essentially you now have much more freedom to manipulate the image to look the way you want it to look with a range of colors that cant be exploited with “normal” camera settings.

Here is a link that helps explain S Log better via Able Cine. CLICK HERE